Healthy Craving Bites

Most women would agree that if we only had something that was yummy and healthy at hand for when those afternoon and late night cravings hit, things would be much, much easier. Yeah, Carrot sticks can be good….but not good enough, and definitely not satisfying.

Enter Craving Bites. Little balls of just sweet enough, satisfying, goodness. The recipe we are sharing uses dates and nuts for that base of sweet and satisfying you need to keep you away from the chocolate bar. Worried about what Nuts will do to your diet? Studies have shown that when people add a handful or two of nuts and seeds to their diet everyday, without changing anything else, instead of gaining weight they either maintained or lost weight. We’re not quite sure how this is possible, and neither are the researchers, but lets go with it!

You need to have a decent blender to make these bites, unless you like things really crunchy. Also, the quality and freshness of your dates will impact the overall chew and structure, so make sure to get some good ones. The kind of Cocoa you get will likewise impact the overall flavor. While Dutch process blends are not considered as healthy as a natural cocoa blend, it will be tastier. And, hey, if it is keeping you away from binging on those brownies or candy bars, I’m pretty sure this sugar free sweet made with slightly less than optimally healthy cocoa will still be a much better choice.

Superfood Craving Bites

¼ cup of pitted dates- If they don’t seem super gooey, soak them in some hot water for 10-20 minutes, then drain them. This is going to be the glue that holds your recipe together so you want to make sure they’re sticky!

¾ cup of Nuts. My favorites are walnuts or cashews. Pecans are also a good choice. Almonds will work, but make sure your blender can grind them up.

1 cup dried fruit. Cherries apricots and Figs are my top choices. Cranberries, apples, and raisins will also work.

2 Tablespoons of Seeds- Hemp hearts are my all time Favorite for this because it has the perfect taste and crunch. Chia, Flax and Sunflower will also work

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

¼ Cocoa Powder

Dash of cinnamon

Combine dates and nuts in a food processor until well combined. Add in Fruit (Give it a rough chop first) and Seeds and Vanilla and pulse a few times. Add Cocoa tablespoon by tablespoon pulsing after each addition. The only thing to watch for is the wetness of your “dough”. If you want more chocolate in it, but your mixture is looking dry, throw in a few more dates (Don’t forget to soak them!).If you don’t want the bites any sweeter you can also throw in a few tablespoons of a moist nut butter.  Roll mixture into bite sized balls, cover and refrigerate. Mixture will firm up as it sits, so if it seems to soft at first just give it a little time in the fridge. Enjoy!