Tackling the Tupperware: Real Food Storage Container Solutions

One of the best inventions since sliced bread. Convenient, practical and microwavable. The dark side to all those plastic containers? They never stay contained. My husband and kids claim it is impossible to follow my system for stacking them so they will all neatly fit into the drawer. Secretly, I’ll admit it, that when none of them are actually being used, there simply isn’t room for them all. Cleaning out my fridge from all the strange colored mold laden containers has become a chore I now not only put off for the scary aftermath found in my trash can, but for fear that I won’t be able to fit it all into my cupboards once everything is washed and dried. Fortunately, the organizing geniuses that be have come up with some solutions to help us all.

1. Sliding Storage Trays

http://www.parentstribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1.-sliding-storage-1.jpgI used to always believe that the only place I could reasonably put my tupperware was in a drawer. If not, it would only get lost in the dark abyss of the depths of my cupboards. Sliding storage trays offer the perfect solution. You can now have no fear about losing those lids. If this is the long term solution you have been dreaming of, your local hardware store will have sliding rods and trays you can install yourself. If you are like me and didn’t have time to plan all that out, just purchase some trays that will fit neatly in the cupboard. In a pinch, I grabbed an old cake pan and cookie sheet I never used and found an instant cost free solution.